Peoplesoft Fluid Page Design

Peoplesoft Fluid Page Design This is the 2nd video of the Fluid Tutorial series where I will demonstrate to create our First This example illustrates a classic PeopleSoft page definition in Application Designer where each page element is meticulously placed on the Layout tab Note The majority of this documentation focuses on creating pages and creating components for fluid display Application Designer is the main development tool

Peoplesoft Fluid Page Design

peoplesoft-goes-modern-with-fluid-ui-sentinel Peoplesoft Fluid Page Design

Personalizing the PeopleSoft User Interface - YouTube

PeopleTools 8 54 delivers Fluid a complimentary new user interface designed for mobile A Fluid Layout page is a Page of type Layout Let us design a simple fluid UI page for following requirement Developing a fluid home page is fairly easy and is done through PIA PeopleSoft Fluid is very effective in use and attractive in design Not only that fluid pages easily adapts and responds very well on mobile devices

PeopleTools 8 55 25 EMEA ALLIANCE 9 10 OCTOBER Fluid Pages PORTAL GROUPLETS or any subfolder EMEA ALLIANCE 9 10 OCTOBER RESPONSIVE PAGE DESIGN The new interface is based on a fluid design also known as a responsive design This means that as your browser grows and shrinks in size the page adjusts

PeopleSoft Drop Zones on Fluid and Classic Plus Pages - YouTube

PeopleSoft FMS FLUID Training Business Information Services November / December 2019

peoplesoft-fms-fluid-training-business-information-services-november-december-2019 PeopleSoft FMS FLUID Training Business Information Services November / December 2019

PeopleSoft Goes Modern With Fluid UI - SENTINEL

peoplesoft-goes-modern-with-fluid-ui-sentinel PeopleSoft Goes Modern With Fluid UI - SENTINEL

PeopleSoft Fluid UI allows developers to create pages that adapt to the user s screen Properly constructed one page will meaningfully PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Guide Chapter 1 Layout Introduction Chapter 5 Adding a Page to Your Favorites NavBar Here are my favorite efficiencies from Fluid UI Streamlined user interface and navigation Historically the design of PeopleSoft pages