1 3 Profile Investigator Martyr Human Design Beratung

Human Design 1 3 Profile Investigator Martyr interior creature

1 3 Investigator Martyrs are the only profile with BOTH lines in the lower trigram The first line represents how our mind works how we think

Profile 1 3 Explorer Martyr Description of 5 items HumDes

The unique nature of Profile 1 3 of the Martyr Explorer allows you to live incredibly interesting lives and be a venerable authority for other people

The Human Design Profiles the investigator martyr 1 3 YouTube

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This video will give you no fluff info on the 1 3 Profile as you get the HUMAN DESIGN

Profile 1 3 The Investigative Martyr Love Your Human Design

People with a 1 3 profile in their design have an inward focus The are driven to investigate and look at the results of their experiences in an inward


How to read your Human Design Chart — Catherine Rose Design

How to read your Human Design Chart — Catherine Rose Design

how-to-read-your-human-design-chart-catherine-rose-design how-to-read-your-human-design-chart-catherine-rose-design

The Beginner's Guide to Human Design — OUI, WE

the-beginner-s-guide-to-human-design-oui-we the-beginner-s-guide-to-human-design-oui-we